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Specializing in English

as a New Language.

Private English Language 

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Get the support your child needs to be successful in school and to develop a love of learning.

Benefits of Individualized Lessons

All students can benefit from individualized instruction and practice in academic language. Academic language encompasses all skills necessary to understand and convey meaning in a given content area. It includes understanding how to write for different purposes (narrative, persuasive), how to interpret a graph or diagram, or making a prediction, just to name a few.  English language learners face double the  demand of learning the grade level content while simultaneously learning the language demands needed to access that content. They also have to master everyday conversational English! ENL Classroom can help your child develop the understanding and use of academic language in a natural and engaging way. Lessons through ENL Classroom engage your child in enjoyable everyday conversation while at the same time building their use of more sophisticated "school talk". 

Language Arts

Lessons will address literacy, reading comprehension, analyzing fiction and non-fiction texts, writing, sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar and more!

Social Studies

Academic language is woven into lessons about Social Studies content such as historical figures, cultural celebrations, holidays and community. 


Language skills are incorporated while learning about Science concepts such as the life cycles of plants and animals, weather, seasons, animal groups etc. 

Math Skills

We recognize that it is becoming increasingly important for students to understand the language of Math. Word problems and vocabulary can be reviewed and practiced in addition to interpreting graphs and diagrams. 


A few kind words from our parents.

“We are so happy we found you!”

Dina, Lilia's mom

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